About Us


Our mission is to provide a free to access on-line channel enabling people and organizations across

the world to showcase short films showing how their actions contribute to the United Nations

Sustainable Development Goals. SDG Vision allows people to view films, become inspired, get

involved and connect with each other to take practical steps to make the world a better place for all.


Our vision is to be the channel with which the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

engages a mass movement of people to showcase, learn, become inspired and work together, and

act to make the world a more sustainable and equitable place for all.


High-quality: Providing a user-friendly, high-quality channel for people to share and view films and


Non-political: SDG Vision is a non-political news channel hosting films that show SDG actions and

solutions to issues and problems.

Positive: SDG Vision is committed to showing positive news, that shows how people are making our

world a more sustainable place for all to live, work and relax.

Equitable: SDG Vision recognises there is a finite level of resources in the world and believes in a

sustainable use of these to ensure nobody is left behind.

Sustainable: SDG Vision believes in sustainable solutions to the problems that face the world. It

believes these solutions must be positive and available to all.

SDG Vision is committed to inspiring people through films and presentations across the world into

action that will contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It is hoped your films

and presentations will make the planet we live on a more sustainable place for all who live on it.

It does this in the following ways:

Showing films

The SDG Vision channel is there for people and organizations who are making positive contributions

to the SDGs. Anybody can submit their films and presentations. These will be looked at by the SDG

Vision editorial team. For a film to be eligible to be shown on the channel it must comply with SDG

Vision guidelines:

- No racism.

- No sexism.

- No offensive language.

- Non-political.

- No lobbying or criticism – We only celebrate positive Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) actions.

- Must show positive Sustainable Development Goal actions.

The guidelines are in place to ensure the channel is a place where everybody can get involved.

Films will be top and tailed to include the SDG Vision logo and the SDG number the short film content relates to.

If there are quality issues such as sound or clarity SDG Vision will try to edit your film to improve the
viewing experience. However, we hope you submit high-quality films and presentations with good

Your films will be classified according to the SDG or SDGs to which they relate, and the subject
matter. This will enable viewers who are interested in your actions, achievements, and work to
easily find them. It will also be classified according to where you or your action and organization is
in the world. If you want people to get involved or communicate with you, then we encourage you
to add full contact details at the end of your films or presentations for people to contact you to find
out more.

News roundups
SDG Vision will present a weekly round-up of the films and presentations it has received, and it will
celebrate action and achievements and discuss further opportunities that arise from them.


SDG Vision will interview people and organizations of interest, and it will always provide viewers
with the opportunity to submit their questions.

Competitions and awards
SDG Vision will develop competitions to encourage people and organizations to get involved.
SDG Vision will hold an annual SDG Vision Awards Ceremony for the best films, presentations, and

SDG.Vision is an international not for profit Community Interest Company.
We welcome positive advice.